Sestina (in my first time) – March 16

16 Mar

In the summer of 96 with sadness felt
He decided to leave her with just tears,
After so many years of deep loneliness.
Without saying a word and without any passion
He left a letter on the old table,
The only words he’d left that were honest.

For years she’d asked him to be honest
But that morning she woke and strangeness felt.
She looked at the old table,
She looked with eyes expecting tears,
She wanted him full of passion.
But was full of loneliness.

Deep down, she always felt the loneliness,
She saw the letter on the old table
And could not stop the tears,
But she’d been very hungry for him to be honest
Though could not stop what she felt,
She was thirsty for passion.

She had this big desire for passion,
She wanted to feel again what she felt
Years ago before the happiness turned to tears,
She could not think of anything else, just loneliness.
She felt like this old table
And it was such a feeling, deep and honest.

She read this letter, it was honest
He never touch her with a passion
She wanted him to take her on this old table,
And again she felt
This deep loneliness
As her eyes began to fill with tears.

She knew that when he’d written, he’d also had tears
But he’d also had this lack of passion,
And had to be honest
When sitting writing at the table.
He was thinking: “I am better in my loneliness.
After years of what I’ve felt.

He left this honest letter on this old wooden table.
With an emptiness and loneliness but still Without any passion
And with a big sadness he had to go, and that’s how he felt.


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2 responses to “Sestina (in my first time) – March 16

  1. Quivery Moment

    March 16, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    Bravo!! SO honest X very real ~


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