Mini-Poetry of 2012

Mini Poetry #1 (Summer 2012)

In search of empathy,

I found myself

Staring at him

Without the words.

Mini Poetry #2 (Autumn 2012)

I am changing,

As the sea.

I’m drowning,


In moments of fear.

Mini Poetry #3 (Autumn 2012)

New year

Peeling Softly,

Like my understanding

Of myself.

Mini Poetry #4 (Autumn 2012)

Dealing with the unknown

I’m ready or not,

It’s a matter of fact,

Like a Tick Tock of a kitchen clock.

Mini Poetry #5 (Autumn 2012)

Wherever I go

I see myself,

Looking from the sideline,

In secret.

Mini Poetry #6 (Autumn 2012)

In his quiet,

There is a lot of noise,

Permeating slowly

Into my heart.

Mini Poetry #7 (Autumn 2012)

Sweet balloons,

Inflated cake,

And a soft kiss

Happy birthday Edward.

*I love you*

Mini Poetry #8 (Autumn 2012)

She forgot her passion,

Confined in a darkness

Of her mind,

And he, he is trapped with her.

Mini Poetry #9 (January/February 2013)

The night comes

And the moon seemed so lonely

Up there

I try to approach it


It seems so far away.

Mini Poetry #10 (January/February 2013)

The distance between the touch

Between the desire to please

Between the desire to be

I’m here.


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